Poultry Feed & Supplies

All you need for happy, healthy poultry

Our Poultry Supplies department stocks a comprehensive range of products aimed at ensuring the health and productivity of your flock.

We stock great products lines from ADM, Purina, Miller Mfg, and Little Giant for your poultry.

Our commitment to your poultry’s well-being goes beyond just products. Our in-house experts, armed with vast experience and knowledge, are always ready to assist. Whether you’re a first-time poultry owner or a seasoned farmer, our department ensures that your flock remains healthy, vibrant, and thriving.

Feed & Supplements

  • Purina Layena Pellets
  • Purina Layena Crumbles
  • Country Acres Egg Pellets
  • Country Acres Egg Crumbles
  • Scratch Grain
  • Oyster Shell
  • Grit


  • Wood Shavings
  • Feed Scoops
  • Heat Lamps
  • Incubators
  • Flip Top Feeders – Red, Green, Yellow, & Purple
  • Chicken Wire – 18×50, 24×50, 36×50, 48×50, & 60×50
  • Feeder Base – QT & Gallon – Red, Green, Yellow, & Purple
  • Waterer Base – QT & Gallon – Red, Green, Yellow, & Purple
  • Waterers – QT – Red, Green, Yellow, Purple – Gallon, 2G, 3G, 4G, & 5G
  • Feeders – 12LB Metal, 30LB Metal, 40LB Metal, 3LB Plastic, & 11LB Plastic

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